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Paint Correction Level 2 Enhancement

Sale price$811.00
Vehicle Size:Small/Compact e.g. X-Small 2-Door/Audi A3/BMW 2 Series/VW Golf GTI/Mini Cooper
Pickup available at 6115 Owens Street Usually ready in 24 hours

Paint Correction Level 2 Enhancement

Small/Compact e.g. X-Small 2-Door/Audi A3/BMW 2 Series/VW Golf GTI/Mini Cooper

6115 Owens Street

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

6115 Owens Street
Unit 306
Dallas TX 75235
United States

(903) 456-9029

At Martin Auto Detailing, our 2 Stage Paint Correction service takes paint restoration to the next level, providing a comprehensive solution for moderate imperfections on your vehicle's paintwork. Our skilled technicians combine their expertise with cutting-edge techniques and top-of-the-line products to deliver outstanding results.

We begin by thoroughly cleansing the paintwork, removing all impurities and contaminants that may affect the final outcome. A clay treatment follows, meticulously eliminating any embedded particles, ensuring a smooth and pristine surface.

Our skilled technicians employ a two stage machine polish using a combination of medium and ultra-fine polishes. This dynamic duo works harmoniously to address lightly swirled paintwork, as well as one or two deeper scratches. The medium polish tackles the imperfections, while the ultra-fine polish refines the finish, leaving your car with an impeccable shine.


  • Deep restoration: Our 2 Stage Paint Correction service tackles deeper scratches, moderate swirl marks, and more stubborn imperfections, ensuring a thorough restoration of your car's paint.
  • Enhanced gloss and depth: By meticulously removing imperfections, we restore the gloss, depth, and clarity of your vehicle's paint, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.
  • Long-lasting protection: Our service includes the application of high-quality sealants, providing long-lasting protection against environmental contaminants and UV rays.

Key Features:
  • Comprehensive paint restoration: Our technicians utilize a two-step correction process, addressing imperfections with increasing levels of abrasion and refinement, resulting in a significant improvement in your car's paint appearance.
  • Customized approach: We tailor the 2 Stage Paint Correction process to suit the specific needs of your vehicle, ensuring personalized care and exceptional results.
  • Paint thickness measurement: Before commencing the correction process, we measure the paint thickness using advanced tools to ensure a safe and effective approach.
  • Showroom-quality finish: Our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensure a showroom-quality finish that exceeds your expectations.
In our experience, most cars between 1 and 5 years old benefit greatly from this treatment. This timeframe typically encompasses vehicles with lightly swirled paintwork mixed with a few deeper scratches. Our Two Stage Machine Polish is the perfect solution to restore your vehicle's paint to a flawless and showroom-ready state.