Ceramic Coating Questions

Yes! Martin Auto Detailing offers ceramic coating packages that fit your needs.

Ceramic coatings and waxes are both ways to get deep shine from your paint but that's the only similarity! Ceramic coatings offer a protective barrier for your paint that can help against water spots, small rock chips, light scratches, and light swirl marks from improper washing techniques. Waxes work by filling the microscopic pores in your paint, giving light a more uniform surface to reflect from giving you the shine that it does. it does not offer a protective barrier for your paint.

Depending on which ceramic coating package you chose from, ceramic coatings applied by Martin Auto Detailing can last from 1 to 9 years. Improper washing and maintenance can impact the life span of the ceramic coating, therefore its best to have the experts at Martin Auto Detailing perform any maintenance washing and detailing to ensure your ceramic coating lasts as long as possible.

Depending on the condition of the PPF, Martin Auto Detailing does offer ceramic coating services. Ceramic coating your vehicles PPF is a good way to extend it's life. Just like with paint, ceramic coatings offer a barrier of protection for your PPF that aides in the resistance of scratches, swirl marks, blemishes, and rock chips. Ceramic coating your PPF will also help against yellowing and weathering caused by the suns UV rays.

Before Martin Auto Detailing applies ceramic coatings, the vehicle is washed, chemically and mechanically decontaminated, and a light polish is performed to ensure the best surface possible for the ceramic coating to chemicaly bond with your paint. Paint correction is not included in the prep work for ceramic coating but is highly recommended by Martin Auto Detailing to give your vehicle as much shine and gloss as possible.

Paint correction is not needed before application of ceramic coatings, Martin Auto Detailing highly recommends adding a paint correction service as it will make your paint defect free and give it even more shine and gloss.

Martin Auto Detailing guarantees our ceramic coating services to last the lifetime of the package selected. A 1 year ceramic coating package equals to 1 year of guaranteed protection, 2 year package equals 2 years of guaranteed protection etc.

At Martin Auto Detailing, we offer premium ceramic coating services to protect your vehicle's paint and enhance its shine. Our ceramic coating packages start at $850 for cars, with tailored options available for SUVs and trucks. We understand that every vehicle is unique, so we offer a range of ceramic coating options that can be customized to meet your specific needs and budget.

There is little maintenance requirements to ensure the life of your vehicles coating. Some things to consider are avoiding public car washes, never washing the vehicle in direct sunlight, and making sure you have an organized workspace to avoid cross-contamination. If this is something you would like us to do, you can join one of Martin Auto Detailing's maintenance wash or detail programs to ensure proper care is given to your vehicle.

Ceramic coatings are the best way to protect your vehicles paint. Waxes are a thing of the past due to the need to constantly reapply every 3 or so months which can be a hassle. With ceramic coatings, you get better protection, better gloss, and ease of cleaning for years to come.

The time that it takes to ceramic coat a vehicle depends on its size, but you can expect Martin Auto Detailing to take at least 8 hours o complete the job.

Ceramic coatings are scratch proof to some degree. Although they won't protect against malicious scratching like a key being ran across your paint, you can expect ceramic coatings to protect against swirl marks and light scratches on your paint.

If the ceramic coating was applied by Martin Auto Detailing, you can join one of our maintenance programs to benefit from ceramic coating touch ups. Other then benefiting from ceramic coating maintenance, these packages include cleaning of the exterior and interior ensuring your vehicle looks as good as it did the first time it was taken care of by Martin Auto Detailing.

Paint Correction Questions

Paint correction will get rid of most scratches, but is dependent on how deep the scratch is. If the scratch is deep enough to go into the paint, paint correction will not completely get rid of it, but it will lessen the depth allowing less light to refract from the scratch making it less noticeable to the eye.

This depends on how deep the scratch is, Martin Auto Detailing can remove most scratches and swirl marks, but if the scratch is deep enough where it went through the clear coat into the paint, the only way to get rid of those is a repaint of your vehicle.

Detailing Questions

Sealants are the middle ground between waxes and ceramic coatings. While waxes sit on top of your paint, sealants chemically bond to painted surfaces and provide protection against washing solutions and weathering. This makes them more durable than waxes but not as lasting and protective as ceramic coatings.

Washing an engine bay is safe if proper cleaning techniques are used. Martin Auto Detailing does not use high pressure when introducing water in your engine bay and uses products that are safe on the plastics and rubber hoses. Electrical components and other delicate areas are covered to ensure no damage is done to these costly parts.

Using a clay bar on your vehicles paint is one of the forms of paint decontamination. Because of the soft and sticky qualities of clay, it is able to pick up microscopic contaminants embedded in your paint that a simple wash can not get rid off. This is an important and necessary step before machine polishing or paint correcting any vehicle, as these microscopic contaminants can cause scratching and swirling on your paint.

Martin Auto Detailing is capable of washing and detailing vehicles with matte or semi gloss paint. We have extensive experience dealing with vehicles that have factory matte or semi gloss paint and have developed the proper procedures that do not cause any harm to these delicate paint jobs. These types of paints require different techniques than your regular gloss paint jobs to ensure no damage is introduced to such finishes. Martin Auto Detailing is trained and insured on these special paints.

We do not like giving exact time estimates for our services because we are more concerned with offering the best service possible. That being said, you can expect a simple wash to be performed as quickly as 30 minutes on a smaller vehicle while a full detail and ceramic coating service can take an entire day. Give us a call to learn more about time estimates as they vary depending on the size of your vehicle and other factors.

Headlight and taillight covers are usually made from plastic, but can be made from glass if its an older vehicle. When it comes to plastic covers, years of weathering and rock pitting can allow the plastic to absorb contaminants. This makes it impossible to restore them to like new condition. Martin Auto Detailing can help make them look and work better but more often than not, plastic covers are too far gone and replacement is the only option available. Glass covers are easier to restore to like new conditions since glass is more resistant to weathering than plastic.

Depending on the type of stain and the material it is attached to, some stains are easier to remove than others. Martin Auto Detailing has extensive knowledge and experience to remove most stains. However, some stains still do not come off completely.

You can quickly performed two test after washing and drying your vehicle. The first step involves running your hand in a linear motion over the paint, if you feel any rough spots or your fingers drag, your vehicle needs a layer of paint protection. The second test involves running water on your cars paint, if the water does not bead and creates a "sheet" of water there is no protection on your paint. If your vehicle fails either of these test, your paint will benefit from one of the paint protection services offered by Martin Auto Detailing.

Martin Auto Detailing removes license plates to ensure no contaminants are left behind on any painted surfaces. Stickers and badges are not part of our regular procedures but can be performed by us if asked to. Please inform Martin Auto Detailing of any sticker or badge removal before our services are to be performed to ensure proper tools are available.

The vacuums that Martin Auto Detailing uses are very good but it depends what the weather is like. If it is sunny with low humidity you can expect your carpets and seats to be about 90% dry, but if it's overcast and cold it can take a day or two to completely dry.

At an extra cost, Pet hair is no problem for Martin Auto Detailing! We have all the specialty tools, such as pet hair specific brushes, to ensure your interior is free from any contaminants.

Having your car detailed frequently is one of the best ways to ensure your vehicle maintains its value. Vehicles with exteriors and interiors that have been maintained and are in good condition sell for more money than those with poor maintenance. Other than helping your vehicle maintain its value, having your vehicle detailed frequently will keep it looking and smelling like it just left the showroom floor.

This all depends on how often your vehicle is driven. For daily drivers, it is a good idea to have it professionally washed at least once a month, and detailed every 2 months. For vehicles that are not being driven often, it is advised they are washed at least every month and a half, and detailed at least every three months. Martin Auto Detailing offers maintenance programs that can help you stay on top of your vehicles wash and detailing schedule.

It all depends on the interior detail package you choose from Martin Auto Detailing and the condition of your interior. We have performed interior detailing services that have taken longer on a 2 door car than on some large SUVs. Without seeing the state of your vehicle, Martin Auto Detailing can not provide time estimates for any of the services we offer.

Martin Auto Detailing does not remove your seats when performing any vacuum or shampoo service. Modern vehicles have delicate components in the seats such as airbags and other sensors that can be ruined by improper removal. We have the proper tools to perform our services without needing to remove your seats.

Absolutely not! Strong chemical smells come from harsh chemical products. Martin Auto Detailing uses the least harsh and chemical ridden products in the market to ensure no damage is introduced to the delicate materials used in interiors and to guarantee no chemical smells are left behind after we complete our interior detailing services.

General Information Questions

Martin Auto Detailing has a 1 million dollar insurance policy against any damage caused by us. We understand that your vehicle may be your pride and joy from years of hard work, so we go above and beyond with a policy that will protect your ride as if it was our own.

Because Martin Auto Detailing is more often than not booked in advanced, it is very rare that we offer same day services. Give us a call to schedule an appointment and ask us if we have any slots available same day, you might get lucky!

Martin Auto Detailing does have an extra fee for larger vehicles. That being said, we do not charge extra for you having a luxury or exotic vehicle.

Martin Auto Detailing highly advise you to clear your vehicle of any valuables, we do not know what you consider trash or not. That being said, we understand that something like a cellphone or earbuds left behind are not going to be trash.

The Martin Auto Detailing van is a self contained mobile detailing station, the only thing we need is proper access to electricity and the vehicle work is being performed on so our detailers can be comfortable to ensure you receive the best service possible.

You do not need to be present for Martin Auto Detailing to perform any of our services. All that we ask is for the vehicle to be in a comfortable spot, the doors be unlocked if an interior detail is to be performed, and for payment to be made before the scheduled appointment.

Martin Auto Detailing offers our services to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Martin Auto Detailing accepts cash and most major credit and debit cards i.e., American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover. We do not accept checks of any kind.