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Exo V5 Ceramic Coating Package

Sale price$499.99

Get exceptional enhancement for your vehicle with Martin Auto Detailing's EXO V5 Ceramic Coating Package. Our Gtechniq certified installers deliver a premium ceramic coating that enhances your car's appearance.

18 Month Warranty

Package Exterior Care:

  • Two bucket method hand wash
  • Wheel and tire treatment
  • Paint decontamination and cleanse
  • Clay bar treatment (if needed)

Ceramic Coating

Benefits of Our EXO V5 Ceramic Coating Package:

  • Repels dust and dirt
  • Prevents water marks, keeping your vehicle clean
  • Provides durability and resistance to road grime
  • Withstands cleaning chemicals, maintaining its protective qualities
  • Offers swirl mark resistance, reducing minor scratches and swirls

Experience excellence with Martin Auto Detailing, enjoy a high-gloss finish, extreme hydrophobicity, and reduced scratches. Protect all painted surfaces with confidence, backed by an 18-month warranty.  

Type of Protection:
7h Hardness Ceramic Coating

Surfaces Protected:
All painted surfaces

16-24 months

Paint Correction:

Shop Time:
1 day